Thursday, January 24, 2013

iBall United's 2013 Top 25 Men's International Basketball League Rankings

One of the toughest things about starting a pro basketball career at the international level is that you have to learn what leagues and teams are the best to shoot for.  

It's really important you know the
the league and team you play for.  They will have a profound impact on your earning potential.  Choose wrong and you could dig yourself a hole and ruin your credibility, no matter how many points you put up. 

The only
time you really hear about foreign basketball is if your homey plays somewhere overseas or during the Olympics.  

So to start you on the right path, iBall United asked its team of professional coaches & scouts to put together a list of the Top 25 Men's Basketball Leagues around the world. 

Depending on the type of comparison, there's alot of lists you could put together.   In making our selections, we only considered the league-wide talent level.  That means we were looking at the level of play for imports and national players across all teams in every league.

Without further Adieu, here it goes...

1. NBA (United States of America)
2. ACB (Spain)
3. Italian LEGA A 
4. NBDL (United States of America)
5. Greek GBL - HEBA A1 
6. Russian PBL  
7. Turkish Leauge - TBL
8. LNDB - (Argentina) 
9.  Adriatic League
10. VTB United League
11. French Pro A
12.  Lithuanian - LKL
13.  NBL - Czech
14. Israeli Super League
15. Ukrainian Super League
16. LEB ORO (Spain)
17. BLB (Belgium)
18. PLK (Poland)
19. BLS (Serbia)
20.  LBL (Latvia)
21. Dutch DBL
22. German BBL
23. CBA (China)
24. NBL (Bulgaria)
25. Australian NBL

Other Leagues Considered:  Mexico LNBP, ABA (United States of America)

NOTE: The iBall United scout team is represented by scouts and coaches in 6 different countries throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia.  

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